My Mentor/Tutor – Mentoring through donation

In the world, mentoring / tutoring is a generally recognized and used way to support individuals, and especially individuals and / or groups of vulnerable social categories. The same applies to children and youth without parental care who are institutionally cared for.

The project “My Mentor / Tutor” refers to the provision of financial resources for mentoring through donation, to children and youth without parental care, as a basis for smooth and continuous maintenance of solid knowledge from the curricula, and the secured continuity in educational development, represents the potential that will give each person the opportunity to choose a profession, work engagement and involvement in the social flows.

HESED intends to awaken and encourage awareness of the mentoring through donation to the business community, which will effectively meet the additional educational needs of children without parental care.


Why Mentor – Tutor?

After a series of research by teachers and in the immediate contact with children –orphans from PI 11th October – Skopje, we launched a Pilot Project to overcome the gaps in the educational process.In this Pilot project, we made an observation of the learning process of all children and their level of acquired knowledge, where we noticed a great desire, but also a lack of opportunities for their educational upgrading. At the moment, two volunteers work with children from primary school divided into two groups.

First group: Students from 1st to 3rd grade and

Second group: Students from the fourth and fifth grade.

We saw a great disadvantage in the subsequent study of everyday teaching content and major shortcomings in the knowledge of the past academic years. A large number of children are in a state where they should begin to study the teaching material on the subjects Macedonian language and mathematics from the beginning.

There are also students who have learned the alphabet and stopped with their upgrading. The whole process with these students is most encouraged by their desire and interest in learning, when attention and quality time is spent with them.
In these groups we have about a dozen children with whom we work intensively, but working in group is not effective as it is expected.Hesed Team noticed the need for each child to have its own Mentor who will monitor, stabilize and bring back every child to the necessary educational level and subsequently direct and guide each child in the whole educational process.

This Mentor should be exceptionally a teacher professional in his field. Every child of pre-school age needs a guide and a guide to the basics, and every child in a departmental education needs a departmental educaтor, every child in the subject teaching needs a teacher expert in Macedonian language, mathematics and all social sciences, as well as high school students after the regular school attendance should be regularly mentored